June 14, 2020

Insight Partners to acquire Gemini V for $500M

Nicolas Cole

The American PE & VC  firm, Insight Partners,  is ready to acquire the fifth fund of Gemini Israel Ventures, one of Israel’s most senior venture firms, for approximately $500M, according to Calcalist.

Gemini Israel Ventures has raised five funds so far, the last one raised $150M in 2008. Back in 2014, the company announced it would focus on maintaining its existing portfolio rather than raising new funds.

Gemini V’s portfolio includes:

  • Code management startup, Jfrog Ltd., last valued at $1.5bn
  • Website usability firm, WalkMe Inc.
  • Tel Aviv -based team management startup Labs valued at around $3bn
  • Moovit App Global Ltd., a public transportation trip-planning app that was acquired by Intel for $1bn last month.

Source: Calcalistech

Nicolas Cole

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