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Venture Capital in 2022 and Beyond: Key Trends and Opportunities

Despite the current rocky environment, the outlook for venture capital (VC) is promising. This white paper showcases why now is such a good time to make VC a valued part of your portfolio and how investors can benefit from its inclusion.


The Case for Private Credit

Private credit has experienced unprecedented growth since 2009 and is now the third-largest asset class in the alternatives. There are many compelling reasons why to invest in private debt – we explore them in our white paper.


The Case for Sustainable Investing in Private Markets

Sustainable investing offers outperforming returns and market resilience as investors use their economic clout to address the most pressing challenges of our time. This white paper explores the foundations of sustainable investing and the opportunities it offers to investors, particularly in private markets.


The Rise of the Private Equity Secondaries Market: Key Trends

Together with IQ-EQ, we discussed the evolution of the secondaries market and its benefits, what the top strategic drivers have been for LP buyers and sellers, and among a number of other key topics, whether this opportunity is a must-have investment for private equity fund managers.


Moonfare Market Panel 2021

In the spring, Moonfare conducted a survey of our investor base. The goal? Pick our investors’ brains and try to develop a broader sense of what they expect in the near future across markets. We also asked them about the investment strategies they developed and the lessons they learned since the onset of Covid-19.


3 Lessons From the History of Equity Investing

We are offering this white paper to share a few eternal rules of equity investing that seem more important now than ever. These truths have stood the test of time, centuries in some cases, and we expect them to endure.


The J-Curve and Building a Self-Funding Private Equity Portfolio

J-Curve, a tool for visualising the net cash flows connected with a private equity fund investment, helps explain the benefits of building a portfolio of several funds.


What now? Private markets funds and the way forward

After a complex year for the economy and markets, we discuss the way forward and highlight how private equity funds as well as funds that incorporate elements of distressed debt stand to outperform in 2021.


Private Equity Infrastructure Funds

A trillion-dollar market with innate downside protection, infrastructure investing is one of the fastest growing categories in private equity. This white paper outlines the enormous opportunities awaiting funds and investors.


Private Equity in Asia: Powering the global growth engine

Robust economic growth and low penetration of private equity funds has created a golden opportunity for investors in Asia-Pacific. This white paper examines how demographic trends are opening the door to value creation — and how investors can get involved.


How Buyout Funds create value for Investors

Buyout funds have consistently outperformed public markets in recent decades. This white paper explains how this asset class works and the ways in which it creates value for investors.


Private Equity in a Portfolio Perspective

Private equity has historically provided one of the most attractive risk-adjusted returns. This white paper highlights the importance of PE from an investment portfolio perspective.


Now is the time to invest in Private Equity

Historically, it is seen that PE’s best returns tend to follow recessionary periods. This white paper highlights what causes PE outperformance and why now it is the time to invest in this asset class.


Top US Tech Funds: Everything you need to know

Many investors wonder how top US tech funds manage to consistently deliver outsized returns over extended periods of time. So how do these fund managers achieve such strong results?


Navigating PE: Value Creation Primer

Since the private equity heyday of the 1980s, when financial engineering ruled the playbook for this novel type of investing, a lot has changed. This white paper outlines this shift and explains the way the industry developed.


Market Timing or Time in the Market?

When it comes to investors’ portfolios, attempting to time market downturns has often proven to be too difficult a task to outweigh the benefits of staying the course, often limiting the upside potential of their portfolios.


Growth Equity: Staying Private for Longer

The number of publicly listed companies has been declining in the US since 1996. One reason is that smaller firms are trying to grow rapidly to capture market share and customers before listing.


PE Secondaries: Diversification at a Discount

In the late 1970s, regulatory changes permitting US pension funds to invest in private equity transformed the asset class and drastically increased the number and volume of private fundraisings.


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