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Moonfare supports the work of Make-A-Wish International

Our support of Make-A-Wish International forms part of our good global citizenship activities and builds on the company's previous charitable work.

Make-A-Wish International, a global charity, has made its mission to create life-changing wishes, bringing hope and joy to children living with critical illnesses around the world. Moonfare is here to support them.

The collaboration between the organisations was kicked off with a dinner in Frankfurt in June to raise the profile of this important charity among Moonfare's exclusive global investor community.

"Special moments keep us going through hard times. They are even more important for children whose health conditions undermine what should be the joyful experience of childhood. Our aim is that Moonfare’s involvement with Make-A-Wish will help make many more children’s wishes come true," said Moonfare's founder and CEO, Steffen Pauls.

Granting wishes is important

Make-A-Wish International’s mission is to create life-changing wish experiences for children living with critical illnesses, whatever their wish is.  Research shows children who have wishes granted can build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight their illness. A wish is a carefully planned journey, designed to complement a child’s medical treatment, giving them the hope, strength and joy they need to fight their illness.

Make-A-Wish started with a 7-year-old’s wish — and $37.76. In 1980, Chris Greicius was battling leukaemia, and wished to be a police officer. A group of generous individuals made his wish come true, and sparked a powerful movement that would transform millions of lives. Since then, Make-A-Wish has become a symbol of hope, inspiring communities across the globe. The organisation now has 40 affiliates worldwide and grants wishes in 50 countries. Despite the scale of its ambition, every day, thousands of children are diagnosed with a critical illness and, of those, only a small percentage receive their life-changing wish. Make-A-Wish believe that all eligible children deserve the benefits a wish can provide. And that’s why they are dedicated to granting the wish of every eligible child worldwide.

By leaning on Moonfare's community of over 50,000 members, partner banks, family offices and private wealth managers, we aim to support the foundation to make more Wishes come true. "We are grateful for Moonfare’s support to our mission, and we look forward to collaborating together to raise much-needed funds and awareness to help us achieve our vision to grant the wish of every eligible child. With Moonfare’s help, and the support from its wonderful community, we will be able to reach more children around the world, and create unique wish experiences, which will have a transformative effect on the lives of the children and families we serve," said Luciano Manzo, president and CEO of Make-A-Wish International.

Moonfare is  committed to further promoting the values of responsible global citizenship and has worked in particular with charities and programmes focused on disadvantaged children. It has previously developed a partnership with the Swiss Dariu Foundation and partnered with UK-based Greater Share, two initiatives that promote education and digital literacy for children.

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