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We’re providing individuals with never-before-seen access to some of the best available investment funds

About Moonfare

We are a Fintech platform on a mission to enable private individuals to access and invest in top-tier private equity funds with the lowest possible commitments.

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A diverse and talented team

We are from 30+ different countries on a mission to disrupt the Private Equity industry. We support each other and take pride in our achievements – We are supported by our Management who previously worked for the likes of KKR, J.P. Morgan, Google, Amazon, BCG, Apax Partners and Rocket Internet.

A well-funded Fintech

A total Series A round of €25m (Bloomberg). The fundraise was one of the largest ever completed by individual investors in Europe.

One of Europe’s hottest Fintechs

We’re the winners of FinTech Breakthrough’s 2020 Wealth Management Innovator, SuperReturn’s Best SaaS for 2019 and a finalist in The Europas Awards 2019 as Europe’s Hottest Fintech.


Reasons to join

Transparency & Empowerment

We provide regular insights into decision making, strategy, and company-wide OKR progress so that each of our employees is aligned and empowered. We’re also always aiming to improve how we can more effectively communicate.

Focus & Growth

We have a twice-yearly feedback process that is aligned with our company-wide OKR system for focus as well as individual development funds to drive growth.

Take ownership

Individuals who can own their responsibilities tend to be the most satisfied and high performing. We have flat hierarchies that enable you to experiment with ideas and quick approvals so that you can keep moving forward.

To be the best, we need to attract and enable the best

At Moonfare, we want to work with the best individuals and this means ensuring that anyone, regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, religion, disability, marital status or citizenship knows that they are an integral part of the team and empowered to speak up if they feel otherwise.  We are driven to continue to improve our diversity and inclusion progress through:

•  Diversity & Inclusion Committee

•  Organisation-wide D&I targets

•  Real budgets for real initiatives

Our Values

We think and act like owners

Creativity and innovation comes having the freedom and empowerment to come forward with your own ideas.  At Moonfare we strive to give all employees as much ownership as possible over their positions to continue to improve how we progress as a team. We also operate on an OKR framework to keep everyone aligned. We also provide an equity program to instill a true sense of ownership for all employees.

Our Values

We build a business by building people

Being truly disruptive means to never stop disrupting and to keep our business innovating, we invest in the growth of our people through individual development funds (2% of base salary, €1,500 minimum), twice-yearly feedback sessions and regular engagement surveys.

Our Values

Everything that matters, we do 100%

We have a real opportunity to change the way an outdated financial industry operates and how individuals invest for their future. We know that the stakes are high, and we are prepared and committed to go the extra mile to make a real difference. We value initiative, stepping up and lending a hand.

Our Values

We champion transparency and integrity

One of the biggest mistakes a growing company can make is not trusting their employees with information about progress, performance and anything else that might be relevant to an owner. We regularly provide our people with information through product, fund supply and sales updates, weekly Monday company all-hands, Friday teach-ins (breakfast is on us), as well as transparent KPIs and progress reported for each team. Everyone is aligned, involved and accountable.

This is us

Enrico Semrau & Olena Melaschenko

Development Team

Dimitrios Magiakos

Head of Business Development

Gerardo Bonilla

Head of Product

Madhu Murali

Finance Manager

Enrico Semrau & Olena Melaschenko

Development Team

Dimitrios Magiakos

Head of Business Development

Gerardo Bonilla

Head of Product

Madhu Murali

Finance Manager

Our standard application process

Time is our most precious resource and one that we at Moonfare seek to minimise the waste of for everyone involved. We’ve designed our recruitment process to ensure that each step serves a purpose and that both you, the candidate, and the hiring team get something valuable out of each conversation.

Introductory Calls

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Culture & Coffee

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Meet our Leadership Team

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