Markets are tough, but Moonfare and our investor community powers through

For many investors private equity has become a ‘must have’ in their portfolios, says Steffen Pauls, Moonfare CEO and Founder.

Despite the current rocky economic conditions and reduced market visibility, Moonfare’s community of investors doubles down on private equity as our Q1 2023 numbers reflect strong growth globally.

Highlights from the first three months of the year include: 

  • 50% increase in assets under management (AUM) year-over-year, surpassing a total of €2.5 billion  
  • 60% increase of our global community of registered users over the same period,  soaring to almost 54,000 users
  • Almost 300% increase in AUMs in the US, reaching nearly $197 million, up from $67 million at the end of Q1 2022
  • 130% growth in AUMs for our Singapore office, exceeding €68 million in the same period
  • 45% new funds offered on Moonfare platform, totalling 96 at the end of the Q1 2023¹

The robust performance of 2023 so far highlights investors’ desire to access alternatives in search of diversification and higher risk-adjusted returns as Steffen Pauls, Moonfare’s CEO and Founder, points out. 

According to Pauls, for a growing number of investors private equity has become a ‘must have’ in their portfolios. “This is particularly salient in the current environment, as private market asset classes can boost risk-adjusted returns and diversification benefits relative to traditional stock and bond portfolios,” he explains. 

Indeed, investors are abandoning traditional ‘60/40’ stock and bond portfolio allocations by adding in a mix of private assets to build potential upside and bolster their investments.² Research from Hamilton Lane, for example, has shown that portfolios that are more diversified with private equity and credit can offer superior risk-adjusted returns when compared with portfolios consisting of public equity and fixed income securities.³

Learn more about the benefits of adding alternative assets to a remodeled portfolio in our article. 

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