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Moonfare joins the Greater Share initiative

Moonfare becomes the latest private equity company to enhance the impact of the unique philanthropic investment model Greater Share

  • Moonfare becomes the latest private equity operator to enhance the impact of the unique philanthropic investment model Greater Share, and joins Advent International, Bain Capital, Cinven, Hg Capital, Lexington Partners, Nautic Partners and Permira, among others, as a partner
  • The Greater Share Education Fund aims to provide eight selected NGOs with long-term recurrent funding
  • Partnering with Greater Share is an example of Moonfare’s commitment to responsible global citizenship

London, 12 October, 2022: Moonfare, the leading digital global private equity investment platform, has become the latest fund provider to bring its expertise and capabilities to support the Greater Share education model.

Greater Share is an innovative UK-based initiative that aims to combine philanthropy with private equity to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in long-term grants for education charities around the world. Advent International, Bain Capital, Cinven, Hg Capital, Lexington Partners, Nautic Partners and Permira are among those already partnering with the enterprise. Now, Moonfare, which is playing a lead role in opening private equity markets up to a wider range of investors, is partnering with the Greater Share Education Fund.

The Greater Share Education Fund is designed to improve the lives of children around the globe, funding child-centred educational provision to bridge and close the gap in educational access that impedes social and economic development in marginalised communities. Charities benefitting include the London Early Years Foundation and CAMFED, the Campaign for Female Education (see below for a full list of partner NGOs).

Moonfare founder and CEO Steffen Pauls said, “Philanthropists want to know where their money will have the greatest impact. We are excited to be involved in an initiative that combines NGOs improving learning for children in marginalised communities with the expertise of private equity funds. This is a project bringing real and quantifiable change.”

Paul Fletcher, founding member and Chair of the Board at Greater Share, added, "With its ability to provide long-term sustainable funding to charitable organisations, Greater Share is a portfolio for philanthropists and investors alike. We are very pleased to join forces with Moonfare to reach a wider audience of socially committed investors looking to make meaningful change in the world."

Partnering with Greater Share is an example of Moonfare’s commitment to ensuring the organisation promotes the values of responsible global citizenship. Over the past two years, Moonfare has carried out a number of initiatives, including supporting Ukrainian citizens by donating money raised from staff, management and major partners, and donating lunchboxes to welcome Ukrainian refugees arriving in Berlin by rail. Moonfare also matched meals its staff donated to homeless people via Germany’s ‘guerilla kitchen’ charity Soliküche. There will be further initiatives to come.

The eight NGOs were chosen by Greater Share for their proven high and systems-level impact on child-centred learning in educationally underserved communities, and will be receiving long-term, recurring funding to help them achieve their missions in the education sector.

Child-centred learning shifts the educational focus from ‘teacher’ to learner, imparting to learners the skills necessary to drive and measure their own progress, and to encourage lifelong learning. It is a practice particularly suited to sectors of the community experiencing a formal education gap. As such, child-centred learning broadens the definition of educator from those with a formal teaching qualification to all facilitators of educational outcomes, including parents, community and other figures in civil society.

The Greater Share Education Fund’s eight beneficiary NGOs were chosen for their focus on underserved children, their evidence of impact, and an approach aligned with the Greater Share Education Fund’s philosophy of change.

Media contacts

Kim Hunter
Principal consultant, Greyfriar Communications
M: +44 (0)7985 275447

[email protected]

Greater Share
Stephanie Herrmann
Head of Communications, Greater Share
M: +44 (0)7342 726 548
[email protected]

Partner NGOs
Aeiotü (Latin America) creates innovative and sustainable models for early childhood development in Colombia, Panama and Mexico.

Campaign for Female Education, Camfed, (Sub-Saharan Africa) provides educational opportunities for girls and young women in rural areas and promotes systemic innovation in the education system.

Kaivalya (India) promotes public education systems change across India by improving governance and capacities of all stakeholders in the education system.

Kipp Foundation (United States), the largest US non-profit charter operator, runs a network of high-quality public non-profit charter schools providing education from age 4 to 18 in low-income communities.

The London Early Years Foundation, Leyf, Nurseries (UK) provide the families of 0-5 year olds in underserved communities with high quality early education and care. It also supports its communities’ holistic needs (eg nutrition, sustainability, and parental support).

Niss, the National Institute for Student Success (United States) trains and empowers those providing critical support to students to adopt data-driven solutions to identify early indicators, and reduce the incidence, of college dropout.

Teach for All (global) operates a network of partner organisations that recruit and train young adults from reputed universities and workplaces to teach in under-resourced schools.

West London Zone (UK) builds collaboration between families, school teachers and leaders, government, and charities to support the social, emotional and academic needs of UK schoolchildren.

About Moonfare
Moonfare offers individual investors and their advisors access to private equity investment opportunities. With a digital onboarding process and asset management platform, Moonfare allows investors to register and invest through a digital onboarding process through the platform. To date, Moonfare has offered more than 75 private market funds from top general partners worldwide with an emphasis on private equity buyouts, venture, growth, and infrastructure and real asset categories like infrastructure. Moonfare’s investment team conducts ground-up due diligence on all funds. Fewer than 5% of available funds pass this process and make it onto the Moonfare platform. This focus on quality is one reason why Moonfare has won the trust of more than 3,000 clients who have invested more than €2 billion on its platform. Headquartered in Berlin, Moonfare operates in 24 countries across Europe, Asia, America and has offices in New York, Hong Kong, London, Zürich, Singapore, Paris and Luxembourg.

About Greater Share
Greater Share is an innovative philanthropic investment model harnessing the expertise of primary funds and some of the highest impact NGOs to transform under-served communities across the globe. Greater Share's first mission focuses on education, one of the most pressing priorities for our society. This first-of-its-kind philanthropic model aims to provide eight selected NGOs with long-term, recurring funding, helping them to achieve their mission of closing the education gap.  

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