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Moonfare surpasses $150M AuM in the US

Moonfare passes major AuM milestone in the US in less than a year since entering the market and lowers investment minimums to $75K.

The private equity investment platform passes major AuM milestone in less than a year and lowers investment minimums to $75K in the US

NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 14, 2022 – Moonfare, the private equity investment platform, today announced that it has surpassed $150M assets under management from US investors, and now offers access to private equity with minimums as low as $75K, down significantly from the previous $125K minimum. This represents a major milestone in Moonfare’s mission to democratize access to private equity for individual investors. Reaching $150M AuM in the US demonstrates the growth of private equity’s retail revolution, while lowering investment minimums to $75K will allow Moonfare to expand its offerings to a far greater number of individual investors. 

“We are very pleased with Moonfare’s growth and look forward to our continued expansion in the US,” said Steffen Pauls, CEO & founder of Moonfare. “I am also thrilled that we continue to lower investment minimums without compromising the quality of Moonfare’s offerings.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Moonfare surpassing $2B AuM and 40,000 users globally in July 2022, doubling its assets under management in less than a year. Retail private equity investment has grown exponentially in recent years, with consulting firm Oliver Wyman predicting individuals to allocate an additional $1.5 trillion to private markets by the year 2025.¹ Moonfare is on the forefront of this retail revolution, led by seasoned executives with decades of experience at top private equity firms including KKR, BlackRock, and Apax Partners. 

“Our mission at Moonfare is to lead a new era for private equity that emphasizes inclusivity, opening the door to higher returns for more people,” said Pauls. “While we have improved access to private markets by leaps and bounds, there is still much work to be done before private equity becomes truly democratized.Individuals still allocate between 5-10% to private markets, whereas Institutions are closer to 25%”

Moonfare is available in 23 countries across every major continent, and expanded its presence to the US in January, 2022. The company conducts a rigorous due diligence process on all potential funds, with fewer than 5% ultimately making it onto the Moonfare platform. Moonfare currently has over 200 employees across the globe with plans to continue expanding its team in the coming months. 

About Moonfare

Moonfare offers individual investors and their advisors access to top-tier private equity investment opportunities. With a digital onboarding process and asset management platform, Moonfare allows clients to register and invest in as little as 15 minutes. To date, Moonfare has offered over 65 private market funds from top general partners worldwide with an emphasis on private equity buyouts, venture, growth, and real asset categories such as infrastructure.

Moonfare’s investment team conducts ground-up due diligence on all funds. Fewer than 5% of available funds pass this process and make it onto the Moonfare platform. This focus on quality is one reason why Moonfare has won the trust of more than 3,000 clients who have invested more than $2.2 billion on its platform. Headquartered in Berlin, Moonfare operates in 23 countries across Europe, Asia, America and has offices in New York, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Singapore and Zürich with more to open soon.

Press contact: 

Johanna zu Stolberg

PR Manager

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+49 176 34 596 495

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