$125 million investment, secondary market launch, $1 billion AuM and more – Moonfare 2021 highlights

$125 million investment, secondary market launch, $1 billion AuM and more – Moonfare 2021 highlights

Moonfare hit several far-reaching milestones in 2021, most notably surpassing the $1bn AuM mark and securing substantial funding to skyrocket the firm’s future growth. 

We are excited to see what the new year has in store for us, but before we fully commit to 2022, let’s reminisce a bit - here is a quick rundown of Moonfare’s 2021 highlights that stand out the most:

Insight Partners lead Series C funding - $ 125 Million for global growth

With the Series C funding round of $125 million, led by New York-based global private equity and venture capital firm Insight Partners, Moonfare has raised its aggregate funding to a total of $185 million. The partnership provides Moonfare with the opportunity to leverage the capabilities and network of one of the world's most prominent venture capital investors. 

Becoming an international leader - €1 billion Assets under Management

In September, we surpassed the critical milestone of €1 billion Assets under Management, taking us only eight months to double the first €500 million AuM. The speed at which we have reached this amount is a testimony to investors’ enthusiasm for the platform and our mission of providing access to top-tier private equity at low minimums via a fast and easy-to-use digital experience. 

Rewriting the rules of the industry – the digital secondary market

In January 2021, Moonfare, together with Lexington Partners, launched the first-ever on-demand digital secondary market for individual private equity investors. Moonfare investors are now able to trade their fund stakes for cash. With this step, Moonfare has transformed a traditionally illiquid asset class into a more liquid one and has reduced barriers between individual investors and allocations to private equity even further.

International expansion 

Moonfare is now licensed and active in 14 countries across the globe. We have become a pan-European player and are expanding our footprint in Asia. We are planning to soon open our Singapore office where we will operate under our own license.

Bordier & Cie, a nearly 200-year-old Swiss private bank, recently joined forces with Moonfare. Pictured here are their headquarters in Geneva. 

Expanding partnerships 

In 2021 we deepened Moonfare’s connections with leading asset managers and banks. We announced a partnership with Fidelity International in March. Moonfare and its digital platform provide access to private market strategies for Fidelity’s institutional and wholesale clients. This partnership has brought about further agreements such as with Austrian private Bank Kathrein. Additional new B2B clients include Swiss Private Bank Bordier & Cie., Dutch wealth manager Van Lanschot Kempen and CMB in Monaco.

Moonfare team keeps growing and growing. There are now around 140 full-time team members working to make private markets more accessible to investors around the world. 

Growing the team

The Moonfare team has grown considerably in 2021 - from 72 full-time employees at the beginning of the year to 137 at the start of 2022. We are delighted about the incredible amount of talent that has joined us over the course of the last year.

Moonfare will continue its journey of growth in 2022 - with many more countries and offices opening as early as January. 
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