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Investing through traditional institutions is cumbersome and can take several weeks. Moonfare has digitalised the process so that you can invest within minutes while complying with regulations.

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We provide dynamic reporting on your entire portfolio as well as on specific funds.

There are two ways to invest with Moonfare

1. Moonfare Direct

Moonfare enables individuals to invest in top-tier private equity funds like professionals do.

Moonfare’s technology platform provides a seamless and secure investor journey.

Moonfare was able to lower the minimum investment to €100k.

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How it Works

Moonfare aggregates individual demand through its Luxembourg-based feeder fund structure which invests directly into the underlying target fund

Target Fund

Ready-to-implement access to private wealth segment
Same process as with institutional investors
Proven model across all major fund jurisdictions

Moonfare Feeder

Standardized feeder setup process allows for rapid execution
Luxembourg structures ensure transparency and global acceptance
Ring fenced
Tax transparent vehicle setup

Individual Moonfare Investors

Aggregation of multiple investments from €100k per fund
End-to-end digital subscription ensures highlighy scalable model
Fully digital reporting, capital call and distribution management

2. Moonfare Buyout Portfolio

Moonfare’s diligent fund selection process ensures that investors in Moonfare Buyout Portfolio get access to top-tier funds.

Moonfare Buyout Portfolio allows investors to benefit from diversification across fund managers and investment strategies.

Moonfare Buyout Portfolio provides access to a diversified portfolio at minimum investment amounts of as low as €50k.

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How it Works

Moonfare aggregates individual investments through its Moonfare Buyout Portfolio which targets investing in 8 to 10 underlying buyout funds

Portfolio Funds

Moonfare thoroughly selects top-tier funds to be included in the portfolio
Spread individual investment across buyout funds otherwise available for direct investment on the Moonfare platform
Benefit from diversification across geographies, fund managers and investment strategies

Moonfare Buyout Portfolio

Feeder invests the aggregated capital in various buyout funds
Standardized feeder setup process allows for rapid execution
Luxembourg structures ensure transparency and global acceptance
Ring fenced

Your Investment

Aggregation of multiple investments from as little as €50k
End-to-end digital subscription process ensure a seamless investment experience
Fully digital reporting, capital call and distribution management
While this is a typical profile, sometimes the J curve is deeper or shallower, depending on the success of the early investments of a private equity fund.

A Fund Lifecycle

Illustrative Investment Cash Profile

How Moonfare Select Funds

Top Tier Funds

Monitored continuously

Upcoming Opportunities

Identified and sourced by investments team

Investment Decision

Made by Investment Committee

Due Diligence

Performed by investments team

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Quality matters: Top-quartile funds raised since 2000 have outperformed bottom quartile funds of the same year by up to 19%*. To identify top quality private equity funds, we established Moonfare’s 5Ts framework. Each T represents a core investment criterion for fund selection.

*Source: Credit Suisse IS&P – PEG 2019 Outlook

Secondary Market

You can invest in private equity fund opportunities on our platform knowing that you can sell your investment after 1 year. Although Moonfare cannot guarantee demand at the price you choose, Moonfare’s network opens up your offer to a broad set of potential buyers during the quarterly Secondary Windows.

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