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Individual Fund Investment

Experienced investors can build a portfolio with everything from middle market and large-cap buyout funds to growth, infrastructure, distressed debt, impact investing and more.

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Portfolio Investment

Ideal for those seeking instant diversification, the Moonfare Portfolio range currently offers two options: one focused on buyout and the other on growth equity and U.S. tech.

Ideal for those seeking instant diversification, the Moonfare Portfolio range currently offers two options: one focused on buyout and the other on growth equity comprising some of the most sought after US based GPs from the West and East coast.

Secondary market

The only platform to offer a digital secondary market, Moonfare makes investing in private equity more flexible than ever with multiple paths to liquidity.

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* Please see fund documentation for details. Moonfare may call more than 25% upfront if needed by the underlying investment fund.

Important Disclaimer
Returns are not guaranteed and past performance is no indication of future returns. Investors should only base investment decisions on the official offering documents of the respective Moonfare feeder fund and, as the case may be, the target fund materials. This model has been produced by Moonfare for illustrative purposes only and should not be used in evaluating any specific investment opportunity. All forward-looking calculations are based on assumptions that Moonfare believes to be reasonable, but are subject to a wide range of risks and uncertainties and actual results may differ significantly. Investments in private equity products are high risk and investors may lose all capital.

Invest with just 25% down*

Private equity investing often takes less upfront cash than you think. Since the typical investment period is 10 years, the full commitment is spread out over time via capital calls. In most cases upfront capital required is only 25%.
Through the magic of the J-Curve, smart investors can create a self-funding portfolio by investing in several funds or vintages. The capital calls of some funds can be offset by early distributions from others, further reducing the liquidity required.


Liquidity when you need it

The only platform to offer a digital secondary trading market, Moonfare makes investing in private equity more flexible with institutional-grade liquidity. Offered together with Lexington Partners, the Moonfare Secondary Market enables you to sell stakes in funds before the lifecycle completes — making an illiquid asset class more liquid.

Important Disclaimer
Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. CA US Private Equity (PE) Index as sourced by Cambridge Associates’ Q4 2020 “Index and Selected Benchmark Statistics” report. The Cambridge Associates Private Equity Index is a pooled horizon IRR calculation based on quarterly data compiled from over 8,300 private equity funds, including fully liquidated partnerships, formed between 1986 and 2020. S&P 500 Total Return Index as sourced from Yahoo Finance. S&P 500 TR Index data are annual compounded return calculations which are time weighted measures and are shown for reference and directional purposes only. The CA PE Index is not an investable index and is used solely for illustrative purposes. The CA PE Index includes only Buyout and Growth Equity funds which matches the investment opportunities currently offered by Moonfare. Due to the fundamental differences between the two calculations, direct comparison of IRRs to time weighted returns is not recommended. The chart shows the net growth of a $100 hypothetical initial investment in the referenced indexes on December 31, 1999. Index data does not include the effect of Moonfare’s feeder fees, that are levied on top of the private equity funds offered and are estimated to decrease their net returns by c. 2.3% on an annual basis.

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