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Meet Moonfare’s new look and feel as we shape a more inclusive world for investing

A unique mission requires a unique brand strategy and design. We are thrilled to reveal our new look and feel - simple yet powerful!

We’re thrilled to reveal our overhauled brand strategy and design. 

Moonfare’s mission is ambitious yet simple. We’re shaping a new era for investing and opening the door to better long-term investment outcomes for more people across the globe. 

Moonfare is building the world's most engaged investment community, and seeks to play our role in driving legacy through increased investment opportunities. Our new brand is the embodiment of this commitment.

“We changed how Moonfare looks, feels and speaks because our priority is communicating in a way that resonates with our members. Our rebrand will let the world know that Moonfare is a trusted global platform for private equity investing - and help more people discover the power of alternatives as part of their diversified investment portfolio,” Dr. Steffen Pauls, Moonfare’s founder and CEO, described the concept behind the overhaul.

We welcome you to hop over for a tour of Moonfare’s all new and improved website and investing platform. And stay tuned for more exciting rebranding updates coming up soon!


White paper


White paper


White paper


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