May 4, 2020

Silver Lake to invest $747M in India’s Jio Platforms

Nicolas Cole

With Facebook recently announcing an investment of $5.7 billion in India’s mainstream telecom operator, Jio Platforms, the PE firm Silver Lake, is following suit and ready to pay a premium.

Jio Platforms is the subsidiary of Reliance Industries with over 388 million subscribers.

Silver Lake’s investment includes:

  • An investment of $746.8 million in Jio Platforms with an approximate 1.15% stake at a valuation of $65 billion;
  • 12.5% premium to the valuation made by the Facebook Investment

Silver Lake, headquartered in Menlo Park and carrying $40 billion in committed capital and combined assets, has invested in many tech firms including Dell and Skype.

This year, it invested in Airbnb and Expedia on top of last March’s $1b investments in Twitter and Waymo.

Source: Techcrunch

Nicolas Cole

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