June 12, 2019

KnowBe4 receives massive investment by KKR

Nicolas Cole

KnowBe4, which focuses on providing cybersecurity products to various organizations whose demand continues to increase highlighting a market need, has recently received a significant $300M investment by the PE firm, KKR. The deal was based on a valuation of  $1 billion and the investment marks a total of $393 million raised.

Stephen Shanley, KKR director, while talking to TechCrunch, mentioned that he sees KnowBe4 to have an immense potential to lead the market as it combines top tier product offering, over $100 million in recurring revenue, and a triple digit growth.

KKR Funding will support KnowBe4 to expand internationally and to evolve the security company to their next stage of growth.

Source: Techcrunch

Nicolas Cole

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