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December 21, 2020

What Now? The Way Forward for Private Equity and Private Markets Funds

Nicolas Cole

At the end of 2019, who could have predicted everything that would happen up until now?

When we contemplate the way forward for markets and the economy, we are optimistic but still not foolish enough to think we can predict the future. We are overweight inquiry and underweight certainty.

Inquiry has redoubled our confidence that the right private markets funds have a place in any portfolio. We see a bright future for investors allocating to private markets funds, namely private equity funds and mixed-strategy funds that combine elements of private equity and distressed debt.

In April, we published Now is the Time to Invest in Private Equity, a white paper that examined evidence showing that recession-era vintages tend to deliver higher performances. In this white paper, we discuss how this trend might be playing out now and the potential for private markets investors in 2021.

Nicolas Cole

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