The Top 50 FinTechs in Europe

Moonfare is proud to announce we’ve been included in this year’s FinTech50.

Out of over 2000 financial technology companies across Europe, an international panel of investors and entrepreneurs selected Moonfare as one of the top 50 financial technology companies in Europe.

The group represents “a wide range of services, from helping consumers to save money, to making life (and finance) easier for SMEs and their employees, accelerating digital transformation, bridging centralised and decentralised finance, to addressing climate change,” according to the award’s organizers.  

According to Moonfare’s FinTech50 profile, “Moonfare’s goal is simple: Offer the best private-markets investment opportunities in the most efficient way to investors who have been excluded for decades.”

Source: FinTech50

FinTech50 2020 Moonfare


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