May 21, 2020

Insurtech Leader Policygenius Announces $100M Series D Round, Led by KKR

Nicolas Cole

Policygenius, the  New York/ Durham-based firm that has become the online marketplace leader for purchasing and comparing insurance, announced that global investment firm KKR was leading a $100M Series D funding.

The investment is focused on accelerating growth and new financial protection products this year.

Policygenius has grown revenues to $60M since it raised $30M Series C in early 2017. The firm offers a digital experience for clients to navigate the insurance buying process.

In 2019, the Insurtech Leader launched a new casualty insurance and property that generated over $10M in revenue in less than 12 months.

KKR will be making its investment though its Next Generation Technology Fund II, which held its final close this month.

Source: PRNewswire

Nicolas Cole

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