Moonfare Secondary Trading Window

The first European digital platform to create a Secondary Trading window for your private equity portfolio.

Tradeable After 1 Year

Potential to sell your investments after one year

Seamless Process

Streamlined technology platform matches buyers and sellers to execute transfers

High Transparency

All participants see the same transparent reporting and performance information

End-to-End Digital Experience

Order Placement

You can indicate your interest to buy/sell when the Moonfare Secondary Window opens

Price Matching

You will be notified of potential matches

Transaction Execution

You accept the match and your transaction is executed

Do you still have questions?

How are Net Asset Values (NAV) of the funds determined?
How are remaining commitments and existing NAV considered?
What is the fee structure? Are there transaction costs?
Is my identity know to other buyers or sellers?
Are secondary transactions reversible or cancellable?
When can I buy or sell interests?
How are bids and offers matched?
How are clearing prices determined?
When do the transactions settle? When should I expect to send or receive funds?
Is my order binding?

A Solution for Traditionally
Illiquid Investments

Long hold periods on direct private equity investments mean that invested capital is typically tied up for 5+ years until invested funds have been returned, and another 5+ years until the full capital gain has been received, limiting many investors’ willingness to participate in these opportunities.

Moonfare Secondary Windows

You can now invest in private equity fund opportunities on our platform knowing that you can sell your investment after 1 year. Although Moonfare cannot guarantee demand at the price you choose, Moonfare’s network opens up your offer to a broad set of potential buyers.

Invest with Moonfare

Moonfare gives you access to the top 5% of funds we review. Our clients have trusted us to invest over €1.5 Billion.