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After a year like 2021 you deserve a reward more than ever.

But before you spend a year-end bonus or hard-earned savings on material things, take a step back and consider the smart alternative: investing in the future. There’s no better way than choosing a top-tier private equity fund from Moonfare.Moonfare enables individuals and their advisors to invest in top-tier private equity funds with low minimums, starting from just 50k*. Our highly experienced management team has built relationships with General Partners at top-tier funds like KKR, The Carlyle Group, EQT and more. They then carefully select only the best opportunities for Moonfare using a rigorous due diligence process and make it available to you. In other words, we do the hard work so you don’t have to.

*Minimum investments vary by country according to government regulations.

Access private equity.

Professional investors have long known that private equity consistently outperforms other asset classes like the S&P 500 across economic cycles.With negative interest rates looming and a dwindling supply of quality real estate deals, private equity can provide shelter during this financial storm. But historically it’s only been available to large institutional investors with tens of millions to invest. Moonfare opens up this asset class with low investment minimums.

Top-tier private equity funds have outperformed public markets across economic cycles

Private Equity Index vs. S&P 500 Index – Historical Performance

Funds offered on the Moonfare platform so far

Investing is easy and done entirely digitally and securely via the Moonfare website.

Just create your account, answer a short suitability questionnaire, and start browsing funds within minutes. With over €500mn in assets under management, Moonfare is trusted by thousands of investors worldwide and has quickly become the leading platform for private equity investing.



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What our investors say

“As a private investor, Moonfare has become an essential tool in my investment strategy and asset allocation by offering me a unique platform to build a diversified portfolio of top quartile PE and VC funds which form the bedrock of my investment portfolio with a sizeable allocation.”

Henrik Kraft

Vice Chairman Of The Board, Sportlight Technology

“Moonfare is a true disruptor in the value chain of PE, enabling wider access to the asset class, in an innovative and seamless way, while offering a selection of top performing funds otherwise inaccessible.”

Rajaa Mekouar

Founder & CEO, Calista Direct Investors

“I was an early investor into Moonfare’s fund offerings, having made commitments to its first PE funds. The Moonfare team identified the investment teams which suited my investment goals best and through its relationships secured allocations to these sought-after managers.”

Thomas Putter

Former CEO and Chairman Allianz Capital Partners

“Moonfare has successfully disrupted a product that was previously only accessible to very few people. The platform allows me to invest in a diversified portfolio of Private Equity funds across geography, sector and currency.”

Ron Hagen

Former Executive Vice President, Oranje-Nassau Energie BV

“Moonfare offers us the unique possibility to cherry pick investments in superior PE funds via special purpose vehicles, thus transparent in reporting, costs, capital flow and duration. Beyond that, the qualified and personalised support from our Moonfare liaison is first class.”

Lien De Leenheer

Managing Director, Family Office



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Reward yourself now, and in the future.

Before treating yourself to more of the usual luxury goods, consider the alternative: investing with Moonfare. It’s the smarter choice and will make you feel good not only now, but even more in the years to come. Take a moment to create your account now, and if you have any questions we are here to help you personally. Simply fill out the form below and one of our account specialists will be in touch at your convenience.

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