Empower tech innovation across
geographies and sectors

Empower tech innovation across geographies and sectors

Through investments across next-generation software and hardware, digital infrastructure and emerging technology companies, private equity funds facilitate sustainable value creation.


Private Equity investments vs. sectors, development

Private equity has directly capitalised on this difference and we believe those able to excel in this sector are more likely to outperform markets.

The software sector has not only been able to generate the highest average money multiples across industries surveyed in Bain’s report, but also outpaced other industries when it comes to generating value through EBITDA growth, which we consider the most important indicator of value generation in portfolio companies.

One of the long-term trends is enterprise software, which has become one of the most fundamental verticals during the first two decades of the century, reaching near ubiquity and a unique status. Private equity firms able to stand out by developing networks and playbooks in this vertical represent a promising opportunity.

Source: Moonfare (Software, Trends and Sustainability), Bain&Company (Global Private Equity Report 2020)

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