Private markets investment platform Moonfare reaches a quarter of a billion in AuMs

Moonfare, the fintech platform providing qualified individuals unique access to top-tier private market investments, has exceeded €250 million assets under management (AuM) as investors look for ways to strengthen and diversify their investment portfolios. This growth places Moonfare in the top five German fintechs by AuM, and the only German investment platform/fintech that has successfully internationalised with market presence in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Luxembourg and Hong Kong. The two-year old fintech pioneer enables individuals to invest in blue chip private equity opportunities with a minimum investment starting at €100,000, whilst charging fees half the typical rate of private banks or funds of funds.

Moonfare has a significant community of qualified HNWI and wealth managers, with over 5,000 users. Sign-ups increased by 650% in 2019, and over 50% of investors make more than one investment, with the average portfolio of €480,000.

Private equity has become an increasingly popular asset class for investors seeking returns in a long-term, low-interest rate environment, but it has traditionally been almost impossible for individuals to access.

Backed by private equity executives from firms such as KKR and BC Partners, Moonfare is set apart by its fully digital investment experience. Its proprietary technology allows compliance and regulatory processes to be completed within minutes, and enables investors to dynamically manage their investments online.

“We are hugely proud of the platform we have built and the rate of growth we are seeing to date, which demonstrates the appetite from individual investors for access to this asset class,” Founder and CEO Dr. Steffen Pauls said. “Private markets are now worth ten times that of public markets, and as financial markets change rapidly through technological and regulatory disruption, private equity funds present investors with the opportunity to access outsized returns. As an increasing amount of value sits in private markets, and alternative investments in particular, Moonfare’s innovative offering is resonating with high net worth investors who recognise the need to diversify their portfolios.”

About Moonfare

Moonfare is Europe’s premier private equity investment platform for qualified high-net-worth individuals. It uses its proprietary technology to provide access to top-tier private equity funds within minutes. Founded in 2017 by former KKR executives Dr. Steffen Pauls and Alexander Argyros, Moonfare has been built by a team of experienced professionals from leading investment and technology companies, including Apax Partners, J.P. Morgan, Amazon, Microsoft, AngelList, PitchBook and Rocket Internet.

Source: Wealth Adviser

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