LinkedIn Top Startups

Moonfare is excited to announce that we’ve been selected this year as one of LinkedIn Top Startups.

“2020 was a turbulent year,” LinkedIn wrote in its announcement of the list of winners. “It was a year in which the Covid-19 pandemic changed the world as we know it — and completely scrambled both private and professional plans.”

“Startups were no exception,” the announcement added. “Many still managed, however, to find their way in these times and to grow successfully.”

LinkedIn decided winners for this, its third annual list of Top Startups, based on team growth, employee interaction on the LinkedIn platform, interest from candidates in LinkedIn job postings and company ability to attract top candidates.

Winners must also be under seven years old, have more than 50 employees and not be publicly listed.

Moonfare’s business continued to grow throughout the early months of Covid-19, LinkedIn noted, and even set a new record for team size in May.

Moonfare is honored to appear on the list alongside exceptional neighbours in Berlin like Sennder, Grover and N26.

Source: LinkedIn

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