Moonfare Growth Equity Portfolio

Invest in rapidly scaling companies

The Moonfare Growth Equity Portfolio offers investors a curated bundle of current and upcoming Moonfare strategies with a strict focus on rapidly scaling companies and technology. The managers behind these funds have been carefully chosen by the Moonfare investment team because they are among the best in growth and technology investment. Many of them have deep roots in Silicon Valley and all have a proven and persistent track record of delivering extraordinary results.

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Why growth equity?

Growth-stage private equity funds sit in the sweet spot between venture capital and buyout. Investments are made into companies whose business model is mature and therefore more immune to some of the risks associated with venture capital. At the same time these target companies are poised for rapid-scale growth that can lead to a buyout or IPO. These are the same type of funds that have brought startups like Coinbase, Square, Snap, Dropbox, Impossible and Doordash to unicorn status and have given rise to modern technology behemoths like AirBnB, Apple, Netflix and Tesla.

Managers behind Moonfare Growth Portfolio pipeline funds have invested in top technology startups with +€1bn valuations:

A longer road to IPO — good news for investors

Today’s most successful companies are staying private longer. The funds backing these high-growth companies typically exit partially or in full with IPO valuations translating into highly attractive returns for investors. The Moonfare Growth Portfolio allows individuals to invest in these exclusive types of funds like an institution — achieving venture-like returns at lower levels of risk. And because the portfolio is instantly diversified and comes with a lower €50k* investment minimum even more investors can make growth equity part of their overall strategy.

*Minimum investments vary by country according to government regulations.

FiveStar diligence makes the difference

Unlike a so-called “Fund of Funds” the Moonfare Growth Portfolio is made exclusively from top-tier strategies created by reputable fund managers you won’t find elsewhere. Using Moonfare’s proprietary FiveStar diligence framework, our investment committee carefully reviews current and upcoming growth opportunities from our general partners. We look for funds that cover emerging technologies with highly transformative potential such as artificial intelligence and robotics, genomic biology, blockchain, transportation and energy system disruption. Other examples include tech-enabled themes like cloud computing and security, fintech, cryptocurrencies, autonomous vehicles and space exploration.

The Moonfare Growth Portfolio is expected to comprise 10 growth equity strategies representing both currently available funds and those in the pipeline. These are funds normally reserved for institutional investors, but with Moonfare are accessible to individuals at low minimums.

Moonfare has worked in the past with some of best growth and technology partners:

How investment works

Investing with Moonfare is a smooth and convenient process. Everything from signup to identify verification and document signing is completely digital and can be done within minutes. After completing a short suitability questionnaire you can browse opportunities and request an allocation. An independent Luxembourg-based feeder structure ensures the absolute safety and security of your capital, while on-demand digital reporting keeps you in the loop regarding capital calls, fund performance, further investments and dividends.

Portfolio Funds

Moonfare thoroughly selects top-tier funds to be included in the portfolio
Spread individual investment across growth equity funds otherwise available for direct investment on the Moonfare platform
Benefit from diversification across geographies, fund managers and investment strategies

Moonfare Growth Equity Portfolio

Feeder invests the aggregated capital in various growth equity funds
Standardized feeder setup process allows for rapid execution
Luxembourg structures ensure transparency and global acceptance
Ring fenced

Your Investment

Aggregation of multiple investments from as little as €50k
End-to-end digital subscription process ensures a seamless investment experience
Fully digital reporting, capital call and distribution management

Growth equity is within your reach.

If you want more than ordinary investment options consider Moonfare and make the power of private equity work for you. Take a moment to create your account now, and if you have any questions we are here to help you personally. Simply fill out the form below and one of our account specialists will be in touch to schedule time to speak at your convenience.

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