Moonfare Buyout Portfolio

A private equity portfolio providing access to selected
top-tier buyout funds on the Moonfare platform

Moonfare’s diligent fund selection process ensures that investors in Moonfare Buyout Portfolio get access to top-tier buyout funds.


Moonfare Buyout Portfolio allows investors to benefit from diversification across geographies, fund managers and investment strategies.


Access an asset class that has consistently outperformed public markets at minimum investment amounts of as low as €50k.

Investor Disclaimer

This product is only suitable for certain qualified investors. Please see “Who can invest?” below for further information.

Based on customer and market research, Moonfare has developed a product that allows access to an immediately diversified portfolio of high-quality private equity buyout investments with a minimum commitment.

Previously accessible only for institutional investors and ultra high-net-worth families, private equity investments are now available to a much larger group of individuals.

“We understand there is demand for a product that provides a transparent, competitively priced route to a market that is currently unattainable.”

Steffen Pauls

Dr. Steffen Pauls
CEO of Moonfare

How it Works

Moonfare aggregates individual investments through its Moonfare Buyout Portfolio feeder, which targets investing in 8 to 10 underlying buyout funds

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Portfolio Funds

  • Moonfare thoroughly selects top-tier funds to be included in the portfolio.
  • Spread individual investment across buyout funds otherwise available for direct investment on the Moonfare platform.
  • Benefit from diversification across geographies, fund managers and investment strategies.

Moonfare Core Portfolio

  • Feeder invests the aggregated capital in various buyout funds.
  • Standardised feeder setup process allows for rapid execution.
  • Luxembourg structures ensure transparency and global acceptance.
  • Ring-fenced.

Your Investment

  • Aggregation of multiple investments from as little as €50k.
  • End-to-end digital subscription process ensures a seamless investment experience.
  • Fully digital reporting, capital call and distribution management.

How Private Equity differentiates from other asset classes


McVey, H., H. (2018). Rethinking Asset Allocation (Rep.). New York: KKR Global Institute.
Data as at 1Q86 or earliest available to 4Q17, and de-emphasizing 2008 and 2009 returns at one third the weight, due to the extreme volatility and wide range of performance which skewed results.

Frequently Asked Questions

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