Why Buyout?

The core of private equity

Moonfare’s Buyout Portfolio is the perfect entry into private equity investing, giving you access to a curated selection of top-tier buyout funds at low minimums.

The concept is to invest in undervalued or underperforming companies and turn them around at significant profit for a future sale or IPO — historically generating exceptional returns for investors.

A Proven Track Record

Our next
vintage is here

Moonfare’s inaugural buyout portfolio (right) has been one of our most popular strategies closing with €70m of capital raised, 40% above its target.

The Moonfare Buyout Portfolio II is the next vintage in the series and targets 10 funds comprising an entirely new selection of current and upcoming buyout-oriented strategies.

Why a Portfolio?

Instant diversification

The Moonfare Buyout Portfolio II is the perfect solution for anyone seeking greater diversification. It’s
also an ideal complement to the Moonfare Growth Equity Portfolio and has three clear advantages:

Diversification across geographies, fund managers and investment strategies

Reduced cash outlay since early distributions can potentially offset later capital calls ³

Lower minimums starting from €50k depending on region

The Magic of the J-Curve

Create a self-funding portfolio

Portfolio products can be advantageous due to the nature of capital calls. Investors generally don’t need to cover the entire investment commitment upfront, but funds “call” capital  over time when they invest, and “distribute” funds, whenever they divest. This cycle is known as the J-Curve.

Since early distributions of one fund can offset a future capital call of another, less liquidity is required.

Our fund selection process

The FiveStar Diligence Method

All Moonfare Portfolios are made exclusively from top-tier strategies — curated with our proprietary FiveStar diligence framework — and a combined 85 years of experience in the private equity industry.

A mix of middle market and large
cap buyout funds

A range of funds including co-investment
and secondaries funds

Diversification across top
geographies globally


The Moonfare product

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What our investors say

“As a private investor, Moonfare has become an essential tool in my investment strategy and asset allocation by offering me a unique platform to build a diversified portfolio of top quartile PE and VC funds which form the bedrock of my investment portfolio with a sizeable allocation.”

Henrik Kraft

Vice Chairman Of The Board, Sportlight Technology

“Moonfare is a true disruptor in the value chain of PE, enabling wider access to the asset class, in an innovative and seamless way, while offering a selection of top performing funds otherwise inaccessible.”

Rajaa Mekouar

Founder & CEO, Calista Direct Investors

“I was an early investor into Moonfare’s fund offerings, having made commitments to its first PE funds. The Moonfare team identified the investment teams which suited my investment goals best and through its relationships secured allocations to these sought-after managers.”

Thomas Putter

Former CEO and Chairman Allianz Capital Partners

“Moonfare has successfully disrupted a product that was previously only accessible to very few people. The platform allows me to invest in a diversified portfolio of Private Equity funds across geography, sector and currency.”

Ron Hagen

Former Executive Vice President, Oranje-Nassau Energie BV

“Moonfare offers us the unique possibility to cherry pick investments in superior PE funds via special purpose vehicles, thus transparent in reporting, costs, capital flow and duration. Beyond that, the qualified and personalised support from our Moonfare liaison is first class.”

Lien De Leenheer

Managing Director, Family Office



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Frequently asked questions

If you have further questions regarding the Moonfare Buyout Portfolio II you can see the most common questions and answers below, or contact our team directly.

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¹Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Returns cannot be guaranteed.
² Minimum investment may vary by country and investor category
³ Moonfare (2020). “The J-Curve and Building a Self-Funding Private Equity Portfolio.”