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February 21, 2020

Moonfare launches a major Global Flagship Buyout Fund | Private Equity Insights

Nicolas Cole

Moonfare, the Berlin-based FinTech platform that provides access to Private Markets investment managers, has recently announced the addition of a new PE Buyout fund to its offering.

What is the fund’s investment strategy?

The recently launched fund has outperformed peers by investing in globally leading large and mid-cap companies since inception. The target companies focus on driving sustainable value creation within its core sectors which include healthcare and technology. The manager invests mainly in Northern Europe and the United States.

The fund employs a refined investment strategy identifying leaders within core sectors and geographies, in order to find long-term winners. It focuses on digitalization and sustainability with a systematic approach to value creation and a clear, well-established governance model. Furthermore, the manager has a structured selection process with close involvement of the Sector teams.

Figure 1: Analysis of the Fund positioning

Global Flagship Buyout Fund

Source: Moonfare

Growth and Transformation

Since its creation more than 25 years ago, the fund has been providing strong and consistent returns across fund vintages. The returns are largely driven by improving the operational performance of its portfolio companies leading to a consistent outperformance of over 10% against the MSCI Europe Index across market cycles.

Source: Private Equity Insights

Nicolas Cole

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