EQT AB Group, the global investment firm with headquarters in Sweden, recently announced its third quarter results for 2020.

Some highlights from EQT’s announcement:

  • EQT funds’ total investments amounted to €6.0bn
  • EQT AUMs rose to €46.5bn at the end of September from €40.1bn at the end of June, rising 16% from the end of the second quarter.
  • Total gross fund exits in the third quarter amounted to €1.9bn
  • EQT VII Gross MOIC increased from 1.7x in the second quarter to 2.0x in the third quarter

Some highlights during the last twelve months:

  • Total funds investment of € 9.6bn
  • Total gross fund exits of € 4.2bn

Source: EQT Q3 2020 Announcement

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