Moonfare’s exceptional product functionalities

Moonfare provides qualified investors with access for the first time to top-tier private equity funds with a completely digital workflow, disruptive fee structure and low investment minimums.

While private equity is an increasingly popular asset class for investors seeking returns in the current low interest rate environment, traditionally funds have required seven figure investment minimums, making it nearly impossible for individuals to access these funds. Moonfare addresses this issue by providing access to top global funds with a significantly lower minimum investment, starting from as low as €50,000 depending on the jurisdiction.

On top of opening up the top funds for the first time, Moonfare is making the investment process as easy as possible for its clients. New investors can sign up on the platform and invest in as little as 15 minutes, executing know-your-customer and anti-money laundering requirements not to mention all of the subscription documents in a completely digital fashion.

The platform provides an easy-to-use and secure end-to-end digital service that allows investors to manage their investments dynamically online. Some of Moonfare’s product functionalities that are available on the platform include:

  • Digital investment flow for legal entities: Investors have the ability to create and manage legal entities under their account online and experience an optimized and user-friendly flow to request an allocation.
  • Full digital reporting: Investors receive quarterly performance reports based on key metrics across all investments, portfolio composition and performance.
  • Client Reviews: Investors can submit and read client reviews for each fund offered by Moonfare.


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